Dreaming about Africa?


Are you dreaming about an adventure in Africa? Looking forward to spending nights surrounded by African bush with thousands of stars above you? Want to know what it feels like to explore the unknown? There is only one way to find out – come and join us on one of our infamous, adventurous expeditions!


  • 3 weeks adventure in wild Africa!
  • Camping, coconut palms and white beaches
  • Seafood, relax, diving!


  • From 499,- EUR (guiding fee)


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  • 3 weeks of Sahara exploration
  • temples, pyramids and ancient rock engravings
  • unspoilt culture and undiscovered sites


  • From 499,- EUR (guiding fee)


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  • 3 weeks of endless panoramas
  • breathtaking landscapes, ancient deserts
  • rich wildlife in Etosha NP


  • From 499,- EUR (guiding fee)


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Where would you like to go?







Travel Style

How does it work? How do we travel? How do we sleep and eat? What activities? Is it physically demanding?

For sure, you have many questions – and we are here to answer all of them. Here is a little overview about what to expect when traveling with Enjoy Africa Travel…


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Our Mission

Why are we your best choice?


We have travelled Africa for 10 years now. More than 200.000km, mostly offroad.

Knowledge is one thing that we gained a lot and is unrivalled.


Safety of our clients is our main concern. We know the bush, we know African traffic and how to deal with officials.

Many contacts in each country and extensive equipment ensures your safety!


Our tours are amazing. We dive deep into African life and experience it from close. Value is what we appreciate the most.

That means we do everything we can to give you many opportunities to learn, see, listen.


We are friendly people. We want you to have an unforgettable experience, no matter if on safari, in a village or walking

through Africa´s lovely nature. We are keen and enthusiastic to show you around, being open is something we value a lot!