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How can we describe our guides?

Adventurous and curious. Inquisitive and excited. Experienced and mature. Good-hearted and just. Honest and direct. But most of all – in love. With Africa and its culture, wildlife, landscapes. Irrevocably infected by the “Africa-virus”. These 2 can´t go back and live a normal life in Europe. They just love the bush too much. Those starry nights surrounded by nature, those bright days on colourful markets and also those sweaty days offroading during expeditions. This is exactly them. They never stand still, they never give up, they are so full of energy and enthusiasm, it is contagious!



Africa turned him into a bushman. He loves being outdoors, bushcraft, camping and survival are right down his alley. There is nothing more exciting than sleeping in a tent at night while elephants or lions sniff at it. And while Andrea is “Mrs. Afroogle”, Rene is an excellent and experienced offroad driver and bush mechanic, often he had to prove mechanical and improvising skills out in Africa´s vast savannas.

Originally a travel agent from Germany, Rene started off traveling right after his education and visited many continents. Most of the year he spends in Africa – that is, if he´s not on vintage car meetings in Europe taking photos and writing articles. Photography, bushcraft, cars, offroading and writing, those are just a few of his hobbies and skills.

His first touch with Africa was in 2008, when he and his partner Andrea went on a long overland journey from Europe to South Africa across the whole continent in a 4×4. The feeling of freedom and independence on such a trip is indescribable, same counts for life experience and personality building.

As a guide, Rene will do his outmost best to make you feel comfortable, he is brilliant with local police and officials and gets out of nearly any situation without a bribe. He will make you feel safe and protected at all times and always tries to find the best prices and camps for his team. He will give you his loyalty and honesty and expects the same in return.

Languages spoken: English, German, French, Czech, a few words Arabic, master of “hand-and-foot-language”




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Rene Bauer and Andrea Kaucka


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Ich lebe seit 3 Jahren in Kenya, versuche aber immer wieder andere Länder in Afrika zu bereisen. Im Juli war ich mit Rene und Andy in Tanzania/Zambia: Es war großartig ! Eine “bunte” Gruppe in einem VW-Bus, Bushcamping, Lagerfeuer, gemeinsames Kochen und jeden Tag tolle Erlebnisse. Ich freue mich auf die nächsten Reisen: Sudan im Februar und danach ZamBotNabRsa !

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