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Welcome to Enjoy Africa Travel! We are happy and excited that you are here! It means, that you would like to go on THE journey of your lifetime. Andrea and

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Discovering new routes in Sudan


Good news! We have discovered lots of new routes! During our last expeditions in Sudan, we have had time to explore new places, sometimes driving through the desert only guided by


Rene Bauer and Andrea Kaucka

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I was really lucky I could discover south African countries (JAR, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Botswana) for first time with Andrea and Rene in the summer 2016. I can say they are the best guides, traveling companions and friends I have ever met. Thanks to them I could just enjoy this great journey without any difficulties and worries. They really know Africa very well, they are very experienced and they are able to successfully solve all problems what can traveling bring. They are doing great in critical moments how hardly anybody and what is so important if you want to travel safe how can be possible. I really appreciate it. They are well coordinated team together and according to my experience with them they are able to arrange almost everything:) They are always ready to help. It was not only traveling for get to know new countries and places but thanks to Andrea´s and Rene´s deep knowledge to get to know well local people, how they live, their habits and traditions as well as fauna and flora and environmental aspects. For me traveling with them was unforgettable life´s experience. I can say just thank you so much and I am looking forward to next trip with super team:) I am very thankful to them. PS: Rene is great automechanic what is so necessary for such traveling.

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